Sunday, September 2, 2012

DNC: The Preamble

The fair city of Charlotte is officially ablaze with a prideful fire of all things DNC.

And let me tell you... These folks throw one hell of party.  Last night's media welcoming party was held at the NC Music Factory and it consisted of close to a dozen (open) bars, each serving (free) food that was representative of their respective culture and target audience, and a headlining concert by Chairmen of the Board.

Needless to say, the always smokin' hot wife and I imbibed, heavily...

So it was probably a good thing that today's assignment consisted of covering the initial protest.

I must have walked at least five miles between our 2 live trucks, the podium, the parade field, and everything in between; all while dodging piles of dog crap and fire ants.

Amazingly, we found people who actually had a comprehensive objective, despite being a mob of people with close 100 different grievances with their government.

Stay tuned, I will effort a daily recap of my experiences with this cluster.

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