Wednesday, August 1, 2012

High Times

Wednesday is my Monday.  My chosen career path has led me to a job bringing the residents of the greater Charlotte area all the news they can use and then some, Wednesday through Sunday.  My days of rest fall during the traditional working week. 

For all you other working stiffs who pull a 9 to 6, Monday through Friday "normal" job... my hat's off to you.  I'm just not that fortunate right now, and that's ok.  Because my job is full of surprises.

Like when I came into work this morning and got my assignment, I had no idea that my camera lens would lead me to the doorstep of this jackhole.

Today I was charged by the news gods with following a welcoming group of sheriff's deputies while they used a network of resources to track down good ol' Mary Jane. 

That's right: Marijuana. Weed.  Wacky Tobacky.  Cheeba.  Ganja.  Bud.  Hashish.  Panama Red.  Reefer.  Hemp.  Cannabis.  Acapulco Gold.  Herb.  Maui Wowie.  The green stuff... I think you're getting the idea of what I'm saying.

And find it we did!  You can view the story in its entirety here

The aforementioned (and pictured) rare breed of hick, makes his cameo somewhere around the 1:05 mark and claims he has no idea how the pot ended up in the woods behind his house, or why there is a path leading from his back stoop to the serenity garden we discovered.  His explanation just seems half baked if you ask me. (You see what I did there?)

I don't care if it was his stash, or if it wasn't.  I got to shoot some dope today and tell a cool story with my video.  I call that a win.

The best part of my day by far, was getting to spend some time with some of the most humble and trusting law enforcement officers I believe I've ever encountered.  They were just as excited to have us there, as we were to be there. 

The evidence of that can be found in this deputy's enthusiasm to try on my fancy cam and give my version of "shooting" a go. 

These guys are hands down, a class act.  We were offered unprecedented access to police operations during this drug raid and really got a front row seat for the action.

If you actually watched my story, you'll meet Major Charlie Little around the 1:32 mark.  He chauffeured yours truly around the entire day and even fed the rest of our crew when lunch time rolled around.

I remember driving to work this morning and sipping my coffee at a red light and wondering where my camera would take me today, and I got pretty lucky.  I got the cool story today, but more importantly, I met some even cooler people.  And that is ultimately what this job is all about:  The people you meet.

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