Thursday, June 28, 2012

And so it begins...

If you've somehow made your way here, I'd like to thank you for indulging my experiment with the interwebs.

I can't promise this will always make you laugh... but, I can assure you that as I encounter the fabled "everyman" in the field, I will attempt to promote his (or her!) humor with the same integrity that I bring to telling their stories every night.

TV news has given me many things: a steady job, a decent paycheck, my smokin' hot wife, and now an outlet to showcase the more ridiculous side of what I do for a living.

It is my goal to periodically update this blog with things that happen in the field that I find amusing.  I'll then let you decide if you find them amusing or not.

It is important to make note: anything you'll find here are my views only.

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